Member Profiles

The Wearer of Many Hats

Yvonne Whitehurst- Senior Council Chairperson

Interviewer: Jacqueline Lashmanova, Intergenerational Student Volunteer

Meet Yvonne Whitehurst. Yvonne joined VISIONS innovative senior center in the year 2005 and worked as a financial director after several years in a finance-related field. Now serving her second term as senior council chairperson, she facilitates classes, actively communicates with participants and coordinates trips for the center. Yvonne prides herself on her adaptability, both in and outside of the workplace, which she developed after she’d lost her vision. The change required her to learn the principle of patience, not only with herself, but with others, while adjusting to a learning curve. She preaches this value to others, as it is a tool that continues to empower her and brings her success in life. Even after her loss, she has maintained a prominent role in her community of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn as a member of her local Church and a foster mother to over thirty children in the span of 25 years. She says that her numerous altruistic acts allow her to remain positive despite her challenges with vision loss. Even more, Yvonne’s ability to also cook delicious meals, sing, dance, play the keyboard and overall endless ambition leave many questioning if there is anything she cannot do.