Calendar of Activities

December 2022

VISIONS Weekly Class Schedule


Open Computer Lab 10am-3pm OPEN In person

Coffee Hour 9:30-10:30 OPEN IN person only

Diabetes Support Group 10am-11am Open Hybrid

Chat and Chew 10am-11am OPEN Virtual

Fit and Fabulous 11:30am-12:30 Open Hybrid

Sports Talk 11am-12pm OPEN Hybrid

Meal Planning Tips and Tricks and Health 11am-12pm Open Virtual

Jan and Shirley Fun Facts 11am-12pm Open Virtual

Express Yourself 12pm-1pm OPEN Virtual

Open Fitness 11am-1pm CLOSED IN person

Congregate Meals 12pm-1pm Open In person

Mid- day Stretching w/ Joe 12pm-1pm Open Hybrid

Spanish for Beginners w/ Carolina 1pm-2pm Open Virtual

Brain Fitness New Time 2pm-3pm 2pm-3pm Closed Hybrid

Table Talk w/ Joe 2pm-3pm open Hybrid

Senior Expressions 2pm-3pm Open Virtual and IN person

Humor Class w/ Yvonne 3pm-4pm Open Virtual

Price is Right Leisure Class 3pm- 4pm OPEN Virtual

Improv 5:30pm-6:30pm OPEN Virtual


Low Impact Kickboxing 9:45- 10:30 Open In person

Open Computer Lab 10am-3pm OPEN In person

Coffee Hour 10am-11am OPEN IN person only

Teachers and Writers- Part 1 -poetry 10am-10:45am Open Virtual

Teachers and Writers- Part 2-music 10:45am-11:30am Closed Virtual

Health & Nutrition Discussion 11am-12pm Open Virtual

Discussing the Visual World 11am-12pm Open In person

Meditation 10:30-11:15 Open Hybrid

Meditation 2 11:15-12:00 Open Hybrid

Name That Price Leisure Class 11am-12pm Open Hybrid

Congregate Meals 12pm-1pm Open In person

Wellness and Lifestyle Discussion 12pm-1pm Closed Virtual

Brain Fitness 12pm-1pm Open Hybrid

IOS Fun Time 12-1:30 Closed Virtual

Moving Forward 12:30-1:30 CLOSED Hybrid

Natural Living 1pm-2pm Open Virtual

News of the Week w/ Joe 1pm-2pm OPEN Hybrid

Developments in the Built Environment 1:15- 1:45 Open Virtual

Between Us Men 1:30-3pm OPEN IN person

Do you Remember? 2pm-3pm Open Hybrid

Politically Speaking 2pm-3pm OPEN Virtual

Fit & Fabulous from the Front Room 2pm-3pm OPEN Virtual

Fix my iphone with William 2:45pm- 3:45pm OPEN Virtual

Fix My Apple Advanced Iphone 3:45pm- 4:30pm Closed Virtual

Stretch and RElax 4:15p-5:15 CLOSED Virtual

Moving Forward 2:30-3:30 CLOSED Hybrid


Open Computer Lab 10am-3pm OPEN In person

Spreading the News 9:15am -10:15am Open In person

Breakfast Club 9:30am-10:30am In person

Moving Forward 11am-12:00pm CLOSED Virtual

Magnification Tablet Training 10AM-11AM Closed In Person Only

Spanish Social 10am-11am Open Virtual

Moving Forward 10:30am-11:15am CLOSED Virtual

Percussion with Passion 11am-12pm Open In Person

Music & Culture Then and Now 11am-12pm OPEN Hybrid

Spelling Bee and Wordsmith 11am-12pm Open In person

Spanish Speakers Support group 11am-12pm Closed Virtual

Talkback Tablet Training 11am-12pm Closed In Person Only

Chicken Soup for the Soul 11am-12pm CLOSED Virtual

Moving Forward 11:00am-12:00pm CLOSED Virtual

Congregate Meals 12pm-1pm Open In Person

Mid-Day Stretching w/ Joe 12pm-1pm OPEN Virtual

Co-Ed Fitness - Part 1 1pm--1:45 Open IN person

Co-Ed Fitness - Part 2 1:45-2:30pm Open IN person

Fitness Journey w/ Joe 1pm-2pm OPEN Virtual

EYES 1pm-3pm Open Virtual

REAL TALK & Real health 2pm-3pm CLOSED Hybrid

Brain Fitness 2pm-3pm Open Virtual

Literature and Stories 2pm-3pm CLOSED Virtual

Reminiscing with Music 3pm-4pm OPEN Virtual

Lend Me Your Ears 3pm-4pm Open Virtual

Book CLub 4:30pm-5:30pm OPEN Virtual

Zumba 5:45pm-6:45pm OPEN Virtual


Lined Dancing w/ Marion 9:30-10:30 Open In Person

Open Computer Lab 10am-3pm OPEN In person

Moving Forward 10:30AM-12PM CLOSED Virtual

Iphone Basics 11am-12pm IN Person

Moving Forward 11am-12pm CLOSED Virtual

Drama & Theatrical Expression 11am-12pm Open Hybrid

Yoga w/ Brooke 11am-12pm Open In person

Congregate Meals 12pm-1pm Open In Person

Theater Discussion 12pm-1pm Open Hybrid

True Crime PodCast 12pm-1pm Open Hybrid

Fit & Fabulous from The Front Room 1pm-2pm OPEN Virtual

Let's Talk about It....Health 1pm-2pm Open Hybrid

Name that Tune- Starting March 3rd 2pm-3pm OPEN Hybrid

TV & Film Festival- Starting March 3rd 3pm-4pm Open Hybrid

Women's Empowerment 4-5pm CLOSED Virtual

Pilates Classic Mat 4pm-5pm OPEN Virtual


Open Computer Lab 10am-3pm OPEN In person

Fit & Fabulous from The Front Room 10am-11am OPEN Virtual

Murder & Mayhem 11am-12pm Closed Virtual

Congregate Meals 12pm-1pm Open In Person

Listen & See w/ Mark Andres 12pm-1pm OPEN Virtual

Co-Ed Fitness Part 1 12pm-1pm OPEN Virtual

R&B Storytelling 12pm-1pm Open Virtual

Senior Council Presents 1pm-2pm Open Virtual

CoEd Fitness Part 2 1pm-2pm OPEN Virtual

Chair Yoga 2pm-3pm OPEN Virtual

Myth, tragedy...and Deception 2pm-3pm Open Virtual

Six Feet Under- New Class! 2pm-3pm Open Virtual

Listen, Talk, and Learn 3pm-4pm Close Virtual

Brain Busters 3:30-4:30pm Open Virtual

December Special Events

Please register in advance by calling the office at 646-486-4444

Holiday Schedule

VISIONS will be closed on Dec. 26th and offices will close at 1pm on Dec. 23rd and 30th. Please check with your instructors on those days if your classes will be canceled if they are after 1pm.

Meal Service Announcements

Please note that meals on Dec. 23rd and 30th will be from 11:30am-12:30pm.

Double meals will be provided on Dec. 23rd and 30th from 11:30-12:30pm.

Case Assistance By Appointment

Please feel free to call the office to make appointments for any of the following services: faxing documents, making copies, application assistance, benefits assistance like HEAP, Medicaid, Medicare, Homecare services.

Bar Codes

As a reminder, please bring your DFTA bar code down for meals for us to scan you in. No one will be denied a meal if you don't have one or if you forget. Please reach out to Diana or Elizabeth for a bar code. Please note that in December we are asking clients to please always have your bar code with you at VISIONS. We will also like to start scanning folks during classes as a way to take attendance. Please note that in the event you lose your barcode fob you will be issued a complementary replacement. Should you lose the replacement barcode fob we will charge $5 to replace it. Please ensure to keep your barcode fobs in a safe place.

Malibu Voucher Distribution

Monday, Dec 19th and 20th 11am-12pm Liz Lee Office Malibu vouchers for Jan and Dec will be available for pick up on Dec 19th and 20th from 11am-12pm in the office.


available starting December 12th. Stay tuned for more details.

Senior Expressions

Back in Person from 2pm-3pm in the auditorium:

Monday December 5, Speaker: Ted Fodera, Topic: advanced directives and living wills

Monday December 12: Melpo Voulieris, Alzheimer’s Foundation: Topic: Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia

Monday December 19: Jose Gil,Visions, Topic: kickboxing

Beginner Spanish

Starting December 5, 2022 w/ Carolina 1pm-2pm Spanish for Beginners w/ Carolina 1pm-2pm Carolina Vollo 515-519-5353‬ PIN: ‪867 334 049‬# Hola! Como estas? If you've always wanted to learn Spanish now is the time. Join Carolina Vollo in this fun interactive Spanish beginners class.

Holiday Jazz Event w/ Frank Senior and Special Surprises

Tuesday, December 6th 10am-2pm Ann/ Lisa Auditorium On Tuesday December 6th, show your holiday spirit by wearing red, gold or black. Take a moment to stop by our Holiday Jazz Event with Frank Senior in the auditorium. There will be ample opportunities for photos throughout the day. Hope to see you there! We will have breakfast, special surprises and giveaways galore!!!

TV and Film Festival

NEW TIME Thursday, Dec 8th 1pm-3pm Roz McDavidIf you like the audio and visual version please click on the link: OR

Join by phone for the audio version.

1 662-404-8540‬ PIN: ‪950 943 333‬#

Join us for a new, expanded film and tv class starting Thursday, Dec 8th. Come and check out audio described films like Gladiator, The Godfather, Wedding Crasher and your favorite TV shows along with lively discussions. We are gonna cover everything from comedies, dramas, action and romance. You don’t want to miss out.

Hand Scrub Workshop

Tuesday, December 20th 11am-11:45 Melissa/ NY Cares Volunteers Auditorium Does the winter chill have your hands or feet feeling dry? Join us for a DIY hand and foot scrub making session. Mix oils, scents and an exfoliating agent to soothe and moisturize the skin. Hum along to sounds of the holidays and grab a hot cider or hot chocolate on the way out. Please RSVP!

Senior Council Bake Sale

Monday, December 12th 10am-1pm

Senior Council/ Diana Auditorium Join our senior council for their popular bake sale. They will be selling a variety of cake and pies during coffee hour into lunch time. Come stop by for a sweet treat and support our senior council.

Gingerbread People Workshop Tuesday, December 13th 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM Jose Gil Auditorium Usher in the holidays with a fun gingerbread workshop. Enjoy making tasty treats over some hot chocolate to stay warm.

Andre Ditto Memorial

Wednesday, Dec 14th 11am-12pm Auditorium

Andre Ditto Memorial on Wednesday, Dec 14th from 11am-12pm in the auditorium. Please join us in remembering our fellow colleague, fitness instructor and friend Andre Ditto. "

Care Package Distribution

Wednesday, Dec 14th 10am-10:30am Liz Lee Auditorium Stop by the auditorium to pick up a care package that includes a thermometer, masks, COVId test kits and sanitzer. One per person only. Supplies are limited. First come first serve while supplies last

Holiday Dance, Appreciation Party,

Special Holiday Meal & Desserts

Thursday, December 15th 12pm-3pm Diana/ Liz / Jose Auditorium Join us for some fun holiday cheer as we celebrate the holiday season together. Dress up in your holiday best as we boogie into the holiday season. We will have our special holiday meal and we will also have a great dessert tasting menu.

Breakfast Club

Wednesday, December 21st, 2022 9:30am-10:30am NY CARES

Auditorium Join us for our monthly breakfast club and discussion the third Wednesday of every month.

Sam the Piano Man

Wednesday, December 21st 12pm-1pm Sam the Piano Ma

Auditorium Sam the Piano Man is Back with his band. Enjoy some amazing tunes with your lunch.

Current Services & Class Offerings

  • Self-Development Classes

  • Fitness and Evidence Based Classes

  • Creative Arts Classes

  • Technology Classes

  • Support Groups

  • Online/ Telephone Classes

  • Information and advocacy

  • Volunteers & Readers (*at Selis Manor)

  • Farmers Market vouchers, Seasonal Produce Bag

  • Daily Meal Service (Mon-Thurs 12pm-1pm) / *Vegetarian options offered daily

  • Benefits and Case Assistance (food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, Home health aides, housing, DRIE, SCRIE, H.E.A.P.)