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August 2022

VISIONS Weekly Class Schedule

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August 2022

Weekly Class Schedule Text Version


Open Computer Lab by Appointment/ 1 to 1 Computer Training 9am-12pm OPEN In person LAb

Coffee Hour 9:30-10:30 OPEN IN person only Aud

Jan and Shirley Trivia Class 10am-11am Open Virtual

Fit and Fabulous 11:30am-12:30 Open Hybrid Aud

Meal Planning Tips and Tricks and Health 11am-12pm Closed Virtual

Sports Talk 11am-12pm OPEN Hybrid Conf Rm A

Jan and Shirley Trivia Class 11am-12pm Open Virtual

Express Yourself 12pm-1pm OPEN Virtual

Grab and GO & Congregate Meals 12pm-1pm Open In person AUD

Mid- day Stretching w/ Joe 12pm-1pm Open Hybrid Conf Rm A

Brain Fitness 1pm-2pm Closed Hybrid Conf Rm A

Table Talk w/ Joe 2pm-3pm open Virtual

Senior Expressions 2pm-3pm Open Virtual

Monday August 1: Matthew Puvogel, New York City Office of Emergency Management

Monday August 8: Speaker: Maggy Felton, Vanda Pharmaceuticals,

Monday August 15: Speaker: Ariel Weisberg, Music Therapy

Monday August 22: Ted Fodera, Elder law attorney

Monday August 29: TBA

Humor Class w/ Yvonne 3pm-4pm Open Virtual

Price is Right 3pm- 4pm OPEN Virtual

Improv 5:30pm-6:30pm OPEN Virtual


Coffee Hour 10am-11am OPEN IN person only Aud

Health & Nutrition Discussion 11am-12pm Open Virtual

Blood Pressure Screenings 11am-12pm Open In person Aud (front)

Discussing the Visual World 11am-12pm Open Virtual

Meditation 10:30-11:15 Open Hybrid LC 1

Meditation 2 11:15-12:00 Open Hybrid LC 1

Price is Right 11am-12pm Open Hybrid Meeting Rm 1

Grab and GO & Congregate Meals 12pm-1pm Open In person AUD

Wellness and Lifestyle Discussion 12pm-1pm Closed Virtual

Skull Session Starting 12pm-1pm Open Hybrid Meeting Rm 1

IOS Fun Time 12-1:30 Closed Virtual

Brain busters 1:15pm-2:15pm Closed Virtual

Moving Forward 12:30-1:30 CLOSED Hybrid Conference Rm A

Natural Living 1pm-2pm Open Virtual

News of the Week w/ Joe 1pm-2pm OPEN Hybrid Meeting Rm 1

Between Us Men 1:30-3pm OPEN IN person Conf RM A.

Do you Remember? 2pm-3pm Open Hybrid Meeting Rm 1

Politically Speaking 2pm-3pm OPEN Virtual

Fit & Fabulous from the Front Room 2pm-3pm OPEN Virtual

Fix my iPhone with William 2:45pm- 3:45pm OPEN Virtual

Fix My Apple Advanced iPhone 3:45pm- 4:30pm Closed Virtual

Stretch and Relax 4:15p-5:15 CLOSED Virtual

Moving Forward 2:30-3:30 CLOSED Hybrid Conf Rm A


Open Computer Lab by Appointment/ 1 to 1 Computer Training 9am-12pm OPEN In person LAb

Spreading the News 9:15am -10:15am Open Virtual

Moving Forward 11am-12:00pm CLOSED Virtual

Magnification Tablet Training 10AM-11AM Closed In Person Only Conf Rm A

Spanish Social 10am-11am Open Virtual

Moving Forward 10:30am-11:15am CLOSED Virtual

Spanish Speakers Support group 11am-12pm Closed Virtual

Talkback Tablet Training 11am-12pm Closed In Person Only Auditorium

Chicken Soup for the Soul 11am-12pm CLOSED Virtual Virtual

Moving Forward 11:00am-12:00pm CLOSED Virtual

Grab and GO & Congregate Meals 12pm-1pm Open In Person AUD

NEW Debate club 12pm-1pm Open Virtual

Mid-Day Stretching w/ Joe 12pm-1pm OPEN Virtual

Co-Ed Fitness with Andre- Part 1 12pm-1pm Open Virtual

Co-Ed Fitness with Andre- Part 2 1pm-2pm Open Virtual

Music & Culture Then and Now 1pm-2pm OPEN Virtual

Fitness Journey w/ Joe 1pm-2pm OPEN Virtual

EYES 1pm-3pm Open Virtual

Game Day w/ Phil 1pm-2pm CLOSED Hybrid Auditorium

Sculpture with Beeswax 2pm-3pm Closed Virtual

REAL TALK & Real health 2pm-3pm CLOSED Virtual

Brain Fitness 2pm-3pm Open Virtual

Literature and Stories 2pm-3pm CLOSED Virtual

Reminiscing with Music 3pm-4pm OPEN Virtual

Lend Me Your Ears 3pm-4pm Open Virtual

Diabetes Support Group 3:30pm-4:30pm Virtual

Book Club 4:30pm-5:30pm OPEN Virtual

Zumba 5:45pm-6:45pm OPEN Virtual Called Aug 10th


Open Computer Lab by Appointment/ 1 to 1 Computer Training 9am-12 OPEN IN person Lab

Windows 10 w/ Mike 10am- 11am Open IN person Computer Lab

Moving Forward 10:30AM-12PM CLOSED Virtual

Moving Forward 11am-12pm CLOSED Virtual

Drama & Theatrical Expression 11am-12pm Open Hybrid Conf Rm A

Yoga w/ Brooke 11am-12pm Open In person LC 1

Grab and GO & Congregate Meals 12pm-1pm Open In Person AUD

Theater Discussion 12pm-1pm Open Hybrid Conf Rm A

True Crime PodCast 12pm-1pm Open Hybrid Meeting Room 2

Gadget Gallery- Part 1- *New Class 12-1:30pm Open Virtual

Gadget Gallery- Part 2- *New Class 1:30pm-3pm Closed Virtual

Fit & Fabulous from The Front Room 1pm-2pm OPEN Virtual

Let's Talk about It....Health 1pm-2pm Open Hybrid Conf Rm A

Name that Tune- Starting March 3rd 2pm-3pm OPEN Virtual

Intro to Iphone w/ Mike 2pm-3pm OPen IN person Computer Lab

TV & Film Festival- Starting March 3rd 3pm-4pm Open Virtual

Modern Love 4pm-4:30 Open Hybrid Meeting Room 2

Women's Empowerment 4-5pm CLOSED Virtual

Pilates Classic Mat 4pm-5pm OPEN Virtual


Open Computer Lab by Appointment/ 1 to 1 Computer Training 9am-12 OPEN IN person Lab

Case Assistance By Appointment 10am-2pm Open In- Person

Fit & Fabulous from The Front Room 10am-11am OPEN Virtual

Chair Exercise 11am-12pm Open Virtual

Murder & Mayhem 11am-12pm Closed Virtual

Listen & See w/ Mark Andres 12pm-1pm OPEN Virtual

Fitness w/ Andre Ditto- Part 1 12pm-1pm OPEN Virtual

R&B Storytelling 12pm-1pm Open Virtual

Take a Magical Journey w/ Mark Andres- New Class! 1pm-2pm OPEN Virtual

Fitness w/ Andre Ditto - Part 2 1pm-2pm OPEN Virtual

Chair Yoga 2pm-3pm OPEN Virtual

Myth, tragedy...and Deception 2pm-3pm Open Virtual

Six Feet Under- New Class! 2pm-3pm Open Virtual

Game Day w/ Phil 2:30pm-3:30pm OPEN Virtual

Listen, Talk, and Learn 3pm-4pm Close Virtual

Brain Busters 3:30-4:30pm Open Virtual

August Special Events

Please register in advance by calling the office at 646-486-4444

Family Feud

Thursday, August 11tjh



Join us for our first ever VISIONS Family Feud! Live and in person! Be the first to buzz in with the correct answers!!! We are looking for people to join a team as well as audience members. This is a game show you dont want to miss!!! Contact Ann De Shazo and Phillip Keys to sign up!

Spelling Bee

Wednesday, August 17th



Test out your spelling chops in our Spelling Bee Competition. Word will get harder the further you make it through the competition! First place winner will get a $25 gift card!!! Sign up in the main office. Spaces are limited

Mind, Body and Soul Day

Thursday, August 18th



Join us for a restorative day of health and wellness focusing on the mind, body and soul

Mind: 9:30am-10:15am

Listen to this informative talk on taking care of your mental wellbeing. We will talk about connecting with others, mindfulness and self care

Body: 10:15am-11am

Get your body moving with Gil in this fun low impact kickboxing and aerobics class. Low impact exercise gives you the opportunity to exercise while reducing the stress or pressure on your joints.

Soul: 11am-11:45am

Making sure to nourish your soul with healthy foods is critical to healthy living. Join Swedish Institute to hear about the importance of healthy eating and good nutrition.

Participants who participate in 2 out of the 3 workshops will receive a goody bag filled with a variety of products.

Sign up in the main office.

End of Summer Bash

Thursday, August 25th



End of Summer Bash

Enjoy the last days of summer with mock tails, dancing and ice cream with your friends.


11am-12pm-Summer Jams/Dance

12pm-1pm Ice Cream

Sign up in the main office

VISIONS Cultural Day

September 2022

*In honor of Senior Center month we will be doing Cultural Day in September. More details to follow

A Matter of Balance

Monday, Sept 12- Oct 31, 2022


Instructors: Yvonne Whitehurst and Joseph Flood

Location: Lower Level 1 (In person only)

Join us for an 8 week Falls Prevention Class that will touch on the basics

of falls prevention, safety, and a demonstration with one of our

occupational therapists. Limited space available.

Class will end with a Halloween party celebration.

Sign up in advance by calling Diana Cruz at 646-486-4444 X 215.

Food Bag Program is Back $10


Receive a mixed bag of fresh, local grown produce from NY and NJ farmers for only $10! Sign up for the inaugural Fresh Food for Seniors program through Council Member Erik Bottcher and Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine! Every two weeks, at a participating senior center, participants can order and pick-up their pre-packed food bag filled with fresh produce from regional farmers. Sponsored by NYC Council Member Erik Bottcher and Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine.

Location: VISIONS 135 West 23rd Street, Phone: 646-486-4444

Dates for Sign up and Payments ($10 cash only) 10am-3pm only!

food bag dates

Current Services & Class Offerings

  • Self-Development Classes

  • Fitness and Evidence Based Classes

  • Creative Arts Classes

  • Technology Classes

  • Support Groups

  • Online/ Telephone Classes

  • Information and advocacy

  • Volunteers & Readers (*at Selis Manor)

  • Farmers Market vouchers, Seasonal Produce Bag

  • Daily Meal Service (Mon-Thurs 12pm-1pm) / *Vegetarian options offered daily

  • Benefits and Case Assistance (food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, Home health aides, housing, DRIE, SCRIE, H.E.A.P.)