Senior Council 

Senior Council Elected Officials 2024-2028

Chairperson: Yvonne Whitehurst

Secretary: Valerie Buckner

If you are interested in joining our Senior Council please stop by the VISIONS office and complete a letter of commitment form.  We welcome and encourage all members to join. This provides us a wonderful opportunity to get to know our members and listen to their feedback. Feel free to join any of the committees below.

      Program and Orientation Committee 

This committee meets quarterly with ISC staff.  The committee chair will provide programming preferences regarding current and future activities, presentations and trips that the community would like to participate in. The Program and Orientation Committee leader will discuss ways to welcome new members to the center as well as provide support to ill members. This committee will offer support to new members, help them integrate into Center life and provide other supports as needed to benefit the center.  Committee members will alert ISC staff when a participant is reported to be ill or deceased. Members are encouraged to share their ideas and feedback at this meeting.

     Food Committee 

This committee meets twice per year with ISC staff, prior to the submission of the upcoming menu to the DFTA nutritionist.  The committee will be responsible for conducting the bi-annual meal survey, tallying the results and other tasks as needed to improve meal service.  During the meetings, the committee will present the findings from the surveys. Staff will share updates regarding food and service that affects the VISIONS Center on Aging congregate meal program.  Members are encouraged to share their ideas and feedback about the food and service at this meeting and all comments submitted during the bi-annual meal service surveys will be addressed at this meeting.

        Fundraising and Special Event Committee 

This committee will be responsible for assisting in the development and implementation of fundraising initiatives and special events.  They will meet quarterly with staff to discuss current and future opportunities at the center and within the community. Members are encouraged to share their ideas and feedback at this meeting. 

Candidate Information Form

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Letter of Committment Form

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