Calendar of Activities

February 2023 

VISIONS Weekly Class Schedule


Diabetes Support Group 10am-11am Hybrid

Fit and Fabulous 11:30am-12:30 Hybrid

Sports Talk 11am-12pm Hybrid

Mid- day Stretching w/ Joe 12pm-1pm Hybrid

Table Talk w/ Joe 2pm-3pm Hybrid

Open Computer Lab 10am-3pm In person

Congregate Meals 12pm-1pm In person

Senior Expressions 12:30-1:30pm IN person

Coffee Hour & Discussion 9:30-10:30 IN person only

Chat and Chew 10am-11am Virtual

Meal Planning Tips and Tricks 11am-12pm Virtual

Jan and Shirley Fun Facts 11am-12pm Virtual

Express Yourself 12pm-1pm Virtual

Spanish for Beginners w/ Carolina 1pm-2pm Virtual

Humor Class w/ Yvonne 3pm-4pm Virtual

Price is Right Leisure Class 3pm- 4pm Virtual

Improv 5:30pm-6:30pm Virtual



Open Computer Lab 10am-3pm In person

Coffee Hour & Discussion 10am-11am IN person only

Health & Nutrition Discussion 11am-12pm Virtual

Discussing the Visual World 11am-12pm In person

Meditation 10:30-11:15 Hybrid

Meditation 2 11:15-12:00 Hybrid

Name That Price Leisure Class 11am-12pm Hybrid

Congregate Meals 12pm-1pm In person

Brain Fitness 12pm-1pm Hybrid

Natural Living 1pm-2pm Virtual

News of the Week w/ Joe 1pm-2pm Hybrid

Between Us Men 1:30-3pm IN person

Do you Remember? 2pm-3pm Hybrid

Politically Speaking 2pm-3pm Virtual

Fit & Fabulous from the Front Room 2pm-3pm Virtual

Fix my iPhone with William 2:45pm- 3:45pm Virtual


Open Computer Lab 10am-3pm In person

Spanish Social 10am-11am Virtual

Music & Culture Then and Now 11:30-12:30 Hybrid

Congregate Meals 12pm-1pm In Person

Mid-Day Stretching w/ Joe 12pm-1pm Virtual

Co-Ed Fitness - Part 1 1pm--1:45 IN person

Co-Ed Fitness - Part 2 1:45-2:30pm IN person

Fitness Journey w/ Joe 1pm-2pm Virtual

EYES 1pm-3pm Virtual

Brain Fitness 2pm-3pm Virtual

Reminiscing with Music 3pm-4pm Virtual

Lend Me Your Ears 3pm-4pm Virtual

Book Clubs 4:30pm-5:30pm Virtual

Zumba 5:30-6:30 Hybrid

Spreading the News 9:15am -10:15am In person

Breakfast Club 9:30am-10:30am In person


Line Dancing w/ Marion 10am- 11am Hybrid

Open Computer Lab 10am-3pm In person

Name that Tune- 10am-11am Hybrid

Drama & Theatrical Expression 11am-12pm Hybrid

Yoga w/ Brooke 11am-12pm In person

Congregate Meals 12pm-1pm In Person

Theater Discussion 12pm-1pm Hybrid

True Crime PodCast 12pm-1pm Hybrid

Fit & Fabulous from The Front Room 1pm-2pm Virtual

Let's Talk about It....Health 1pm-2pm Hybrid

TV & Film Festival 1pm-3pm Hybrid

Pilates Classic Mat 4pm-5pm Virtual

iPhone Basics 11am-12pm IN Person


Listen, Talk, and Learn 3pm-4pm Virtual

Open Computer Lab 10am-3pm In person

Coffee Hour & Discussion 10AM-11AM IN person

Fit & Fabulous from The Front Room 10am-11am Virtual

Congregate Meals 12pm-1pm In Person

Co-Ed Fitness Part 1 12pm-1pm Virtual

R&B Storytelling 12pm-1pm Virtual

Senior Council Presents 1pm-2pm Virtual

CoEd Fitness Part 2 1pm-2pm Virtual

Chair Yoga 2pm-3pm Virtual

Six Feet Under- New Class! 2pm-3pm Virtual

Brain Busters 3:30-4:30pm Virtual

February Special Events

                                    Please register in advance by calling the office at 646-486-4444

New Year Resolution

Tuesday, Feb.7th 1pm-2pm Ann Deshazo Auditorium Resolutions: To have or Not to Have!  It's here!!!  The day you've been waiting for!!!!  Let's talk about Resolutions and if we need them in our lives. In this workshop you will learn some benefits and hear about success rates of those that make resolutions! Let's kick off 2023 right with or without resolutions!

Black History Month-Trivia/Games

Wednesday, Feb 8th 1pm-2pm Ann Deshazo

Auditorium Come celebrate Black History Month while playing a fun game of Trivia.  Please sign up if you are interested in playing for a prize.  Please also sign up if you wish to be an audience member and cheer the players on!  This game is sure to increase your knowledge of Black History!

Vocal Ease Musical Performance

Thursday, FEb 9th 1pm-2pm Vocal Ease Auditorium

We are excited to have a special live musical  cabaret style performance with Vocal Ease on Thursday, Feb 9th at 1pm .  Hear a wide range of songs from popular musical theatre, pop and soul.  Come and sing along and dance to your favorite tunes.  You don't want to miss out.  Please sign up in the main office.

Be My Valentine Craft Class

Friday, February 10 10am-11:30 Diana Auditorium

Join Diana in creating a sweet gift for your valentine. We will be making mini carnation wrapping red carnations with clear cellopane, and tying them with a heart ribbon. We will also attach a mini stuffed animal to make a cute gift to give to your loved one. Class is limited to 12 members. Please sign up in the office.

70's Themed Valentine's Day Dance

Tuesday, Feb 14th 12pm-2pm Jose

Auditorium Let's get groovy this Valentines Day with our disco themed party! Bring all your best moves, 70's attire and appetite for a fun time! There will be treats and a fabulous special meal. Please RSVP

Breakfast Club

Wednesday, FEb 15th 9:30am-10:30am NY CARES

Auditorium Join us for our monthly breakfast club and discussion the third Wednesday of every month. 

Spelling Bee

Wednesday, Feb 15th 10:30am-11:30am Avian and Liz

Snack Bar.Challenge your mind and learn how to spell easy, medium and difficult words. We will also discuss definitions and how to use them in a sentence.  Come and expand your vocabulary! There will be a prize for best speller!

 DIY Hand and Foot Scrub

Thursday February 23rd

11am-12pm Melissa Phipps Snack bar

Does the winter chill have your hands or feet feeling dry? Join us for a DIY hand and foot scrub making session. Mix oils, scents and an exfoliating agent to soothe and moisturize the skin. Listen to soothing nature instrumentals for a more authentic spa feel and grab an herbal tea on the way out. 

Celebration of Love

Thursday, February 23 12:30- 2pm Diana

Auditorium Please join us in celebrating love in all shapes and forms. Please join us as we invite all registered OAC members to celebrate love in all its shapes and forms. Celebrating love, friendship, and everything in between. Join us as we celebrate and toast to love with music, dancing, and desserts, Valentines day trivia, poems and so much more!

Guiding Eyes

Friday, February 24th 10:30am-11:30am Guiding Eyes

Auditorium Have you ever wondered about getting a guide dog? Join the Mobility and Training staff from Guiding Eyes and learn about the application process, training and best practices for new owners. 

Financial Literacy Part 2

Tuesday, Feb 28th 1pm-2pm Chase Auditorium

Learning is a lifelong endeavor — especially when it comes to financial literacy. The good news is it’s never too late to be financially literate. Older adults have put in their time and deserve a livelihood that is secure, money smart, and comfortable.

February Updates

                                    Please register in advance by calling the office at 646-486-4444

Case Assistance By Appointment

Please feel free to call the office to make appointments for any of the following services: faxing documents, making copies, application assistance, benefits assistance like HEAP, Medicaid, Medicare, Homecare services.

Voter Registration Forms

If you are interested and would like to register to vote please reach out to the center for assistance.

Money Identifier Application Assistance

Sign up in the office if you need assistance to apply for a money identifier.

Single Stop Free Tax Prep Services

It's Tax season!  Tax preparations with Single Stop start Thursday February 2nd at VISIONS.  They will provide tax assistance on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 to 1pm.  The time slots are 10, 11, 12 and 1pm.  Please call VISIONS at 6464864444 and ask for Phill, Lisa or Ann to make an appointment.  You will be required  to show proof of vaccination and complete a COVID screening the morning of your appointment.  Please call 6464864444  ext 229 and complete the screening the morning of your appointment.

Email Addresses

If you are interested in having the menu, events and other announcements sent please send an email to You will be added to our email list serve to get regular  updates.

Refer a Member

"Bring a Friend Perk is back! Share the fun of VISIONS by bringing in a friend to the Older Adult Center. If your friend is eligible and registers for the center you can choose your perk.  Select either a $5 Dunkin card or a $5 Trader Joe's gift card. Share the fun with some cool perks!

Malibu Voucher Distribution

Feb 27th and 28th 11am-12pm Liz Lee Office Malibu Voucher pickup for March and April. You can pick up 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 vouchers.  $1 donation per voucher is encouraged to keep the program sustainable. 

Coffee Hour Fridays

10am-11am Chris Thompson Auditorium Coffee Hour will now also be offered every Fridays. Come get your coffee and snacks and chat with friends. 

Creative Writing

Thursdays 2pm-3:30pm Ron Singer Snack bar

Join us every Thursday from 2pm-3:30pm with writer, Ron Singer.  Ron Singer has published over 20 books in several genres from poetry, fiction to memoirs.  He has also written the librettos for two performed operas.  He was also an English teacher for 44 years.  Come and join Ron and learn about writing dialogue, fiction, poetry and even how to write a memoir.   


Tuesdays 1:45-2:45pm Alex Barrera LC 1 Come and create amazing sounds and music in this weekly drumming class

Learn Italian 101

Thursdays 1:15-2pm Henry Voso Library Looking to learn a new language? Join Alex and Henry for a beginners Italian class. Fun Fact: Learning a new language is a fun way to focus on listening and speaking skills and helps improve your memory. 

Caregiver Program Presents:

What you should know about Dementia

Friday, February 3rd 11am-2pmAvian Perez Virtual- Open to Registered Caregivers Only "Join us for an informative workshop about Dementia presented by CaringKind, NYC’s leading expert in Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Current Services & Class Offerings