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Prepare for Power Outages

If you rely on electric medical equipment, contact your medical supply company for information about a back-up source of power.

If you depend on power for life-sustaining equipment, ask your utility company if your electric-powered medical equipment qualifies you to be listed as a life-sustaining equipment customer. While registering is an important step, you should have a back-up source of power, such as a battery or oxygen tank that does not require electricity.

If you rely on oxygen, talk to your oxygen supplier about emergency replacements. If you receive critical treatments, such as dialysis or chemotherapy, talk to your provider about how you can continue to receive these treatments during an emergency.

Con Edison 1-800-752-6633 or TTY: 800-642-2308

Public Service Electric and Gas Company

Long Island (PSEG Long Island) Far Rockaway 1-800-490-0025 TTY: 631-755-6660