Regular & Vegetarian Menu

We offer regular and vegetarian options. Please see below for both options.

All meals come with a fruit, juice, milk and bread

Each meal meets 1/3 of the Recommended Daily Dietary Allowance and adheres to US dietary guidelines and DFTA guidelines. All meals come with fruit, juice, milk, and bread. All chilled meals are freshly made and must be consumed within 48 hours of production. Salt and Pepper Packets, Hot Sauce and Butter available Upon Request. Note: Menu Subject to Change. A donation of $1 is suggested. Please note the following DFTA Meal Standards: All participants attending the congregate meal service are offered a complete meal before seconds are given. If available, seconds are given only at the end of meal service.

Please Note we are a congregate meal program and recommend that you eat your meals at our Center. If you take your meal home, you are responsible for any food borne illness. If you take your meals home, you are responsible for safely insulating your meals. Any meal taken home needs to be consumed within 24 hours. For Friday Chilled Take Home Meals: Refrigerate immediately and consume within 48 hours. For meals that need reheating, preheat oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and cook for 15 to 20 minutes. Please be advised to keep Hot and Chilled meals separate in order to prevent meal temps out of the “Danger Zone” (40 °F and 140 °F).

We have a nutrition survey and would love to hear your feedback. Please feel free to share your thoughts, concerns, suggestions, regarding the meals that we serve using the link below. If you need assistance completing the survey a member of our food committee will be offering their assistance to assist you complete the survey to help.

Grab and Go Meal Service Times:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 12pm-1pm in the Auditorium

January 2022

Regular & Vegetarian Menu

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January 2022 Regular Menu Modified Schedule.docx